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This is Zenchef

Why Zenchef?

Customers relationships are crucial to ensure the success of restaurants. Today, a big part of these relationships imply numerical channels of communication.

But because they are running out of time and because they lack technical skills, many restaurant owners feel like they are loosing control over their e-reputation, which is handled by online directories.

Well, it's time for a change!

By providing restaurant owners with the best technology possible, simple, easy to use, and affordable, we aim at giving them back power.

With Zenchef, they can finally regain control of their communication online and interact directly with their customers through various channels with complete autonomy.

L'histoire de Zenchef (anciennement 1001menus)

Our story

Zenchef (previously 1001menus), was created in 2010 by 3 technology and food aficionados. Our first project was a restaurant menus directory; but in 2012, we evolved to become a tool 100% at the service of restaurant owners.

Since 2012, we have convinced more than 3000 restaurant owners and prestigious investors to support us in order to accelerate our development with the ambition to become an international leader.

Our core values are humility, ambition, work and an uncompromising sens of service service.

The team behind Zenchef

Adrien Brunet

Gestionnaire de comptes

Adrien Cognée


Alex Lombry


Alexia Le Tarnec

Chargée succès client

Alicia Dherbecourt

Office manager

Alicia Marchand

Chargée succès client

Amel Benichou

Chargée succès client

Anaïs Digonnet

Responsable communication et contenus

Angélique Ménard

Gestionnaire de comptes

Asma Fahim

Chargée succès client

Aurélie Brun

Directrice administrative et financière

Axel Le Breton

Assistant marketing

Baptiste Dupont


Camille Guérend

Administrateur des ventes

Clémentine Bertrand


Cyril Choquet

Gestionnaire de comptes Nord

Elsa Dang

Chargée de marketing opérationnel

Heba Hitti

Responsable de la communication client

Jean-Charles Deglesne

Designer produit

Julien Balmont

Directeur technique & Co-fondateur

Khalif Ibrahim

Responsable commercial régional

Louis Bellier

Chargé Grands comptes

Mélina Aure

Gestionnaire de comptes

Nassim Benkirane


Olga Zbitnieva

Gestionnaire de comptes

Richard Beresford

Gestionnaire de comptes

Romain Bonhomme


Romain Corone


Romain Hernandez

Assistant marketing

Sébastien Lair

Gestionnaire de comptes


Best friend

Teddy Martel

Gestionnaire de comptes

Thomas Zeitoun

Directeur Commercial & Co-fondateur

Tony Fathi

Gestionnaire de comptes

Valentin Lejot

Directeur du succès client

Victoire François

Chargée du succès client

Xavier Zeitoun

Président & Co-fondateur

Zaskia Wybrands

Chargée du renouvellement

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