Zenchef Pay: Digital payment via a QR Code

Paying directly from a smartphone has never been so quick and easy.

How does payment via a QR code work?

Scan the QR code with your smartphone
Split the bill (or not)
Pay from your phone
Leave a tip if desired
An SVG of a play buton
An SVG of a pause buton

Streamline the restaurant experience

Generate more revenue

+ 25%

increase in the average bill

Increase table turnover

+ 30%

on average

Reduce bill payment time

20 seconds

to pay the bill
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Increase efficiency

Connect up Zenchef Pay to your cash register software 

Zenchef Pay can be linked up with many cash register software systems so that the data can be transferred to your interface!

Offer your customers a seamless experience


“Installing the system is really easy – you just have to put QR codes on your tables. It’s an innovative and alternative solution that helps us every day. It’s a real time saver for customers and for us.”

Franck Cottet - Holly's Diner

Zenchef support services 

You’ll benefit from the care and support of a great team. They’ll deal with the system’s installation and set-up and take in hand your IT tools.

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