Who can you turn to for advice on running your restaurant?

Are you having trouble managing your restaurant? Is this starting to affect the profitability of your business and impact on staff morale? Fortunately, a number of experts are on hand to help.

When should you seek advice on running your restaurant ?

As a restaurant owner, it is advisable to seek advice on how to manage your restaurant in the following situations:

  • Your restaurant is facing a sharp drop in trading and revenues
  • You are looking to update your business model, your menu or your restaurant’s culinary identity
  • You want to streamline the management of your restaurant
  • You are thinking about how to develop your restaurant business
  • You want to maximise the number of covers and drive customers to your restaurant
  • Your business is experiencing cash flow problems due to poor financial management
  • You want to open a restaurant and need advice on how to get started
  • You want to improve your competitive edge
  • Your restaurant is suffering from operational inefficiencies
  • You want to boost your restaurant’s visibility and better market your business.

Who can you contact for advice on managing your restaurant more efficiently?

A number of professionals can advise you on how to run your restaurant more efficiently:

You could, for example turn to: 

  • A food & beverage consultant
  • A business incubator
  • An accountant
  • A marketing agency.

Getting advice from a food & beverage consultant

Food & beverage, or culinary consultants, are restaurant management specialists who advise on all aspects of running a restaurant business, including:

Bringing a fresh outlook and solid expertise, a food & beverage consultant can pinpoint your restaurant’s strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement. This specialist will help you trigger the levers necessary for boosting your restaurant’s attractiveness and profits, whatever the type of operation you run (fast food, traditional, café, bar-restaurant, etc.). 

The consultant will carry out a thorough audit of your restaurant, scrutinising your menu, how you greet customers, your service, etc. They will check compliance with HACCP hygiene regulations and other standards, as well as the quality of your food and the operational efficiency of kitchen staff. 

The consultant can help you rethink your menus, improve your day-to-day organisation and productivity, optimise costs, and attract and retain customers. 

Examples of food & beverage consulting firms to contact if you need help in managing your restaurant include:

Joining a restaurant incubator

You could also turn to an incubator for advice on opening a restaurant and managing your business. 

Incubators can offer tailor-made advice on how to start up develop, restructure and streamline a business. 

Examples of incubators that specialise in supporting restaurant owners include:

Hiring an accountant

Enlisting the help of an accountant is often necessary to simplify the management of your restaurant’s finances. An accountant will keep your accounts up to date, prepare your restaurant’s VAT returns, make tax and social security declarations, prepare pay slips and employment contracts, and so on. 

If your restaurant is experiencing cash flow difficulties, it is advisable to request a financial audit for guidance on how to turn your business around.

You could always contact an accountant that specialises in the restaurant sector, such as Comptable Restaurants, or request accounting services online via l’Expert-comptable.com.

Finding a marketing agency for your restaurant

If you want to increase your market visibility using specialised marketing solutions and get advice on your marketing strategy, then a digital marketing agency is the answer. 

Digital experts can help build your online presence and social media visibility (Instagram, Facebook., etc.), improve your restaurant’s e-reputation and create a visually appealing, high performance website to attract new customers.

Examples of digital marketing agencies specialised in the Horeca (hotels, restaurants and cafés) sector include:

  • Talk, a communications agency specialising in restaurant Instagram posts.
  • Fast Good Digital, a marketing agency specialising in fast food restaurants, food trucks and dark kitchens.
  • Cate marketing, an agency specialising in the restaurant, bakery-patisserie, snack and cuisine sectors.
  • Com des Restos, a web agency specialising in the hotel and restaurant sector.
  • Agence Emulsion, a communications agency that advises professionals in the hotel and restaurant sector, the food industry and the agri-food business.
  • Kook Agency, a marketing agency for restaurant professionals.

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